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Vinyl Records FAQ

Are your vinyl records new or used?

There is a small selection of records out of my personal collection which are for sale at Phat Burgers in Toowoomba. They are all in different condition, and priced according to what they are and what condition they are in. To have a look at what vinyl is there, just head to Phat Burgers 513 Ruthven Street, Toowoomba, QLD and feel free to have a dig and see if you find the record/s you have been searching for. I use and promote Amazon Australia for all of my NEW vinyl records.

Why do you use and promote Amazon Australia for all of your NEW vinyl records?

In all my experience from buying and selling records all over the world for the last 7 years, Amazon Australia is the most reliable source on the internet. You cannot, and will not find a better customer experience. They ship the records properly and take care of any issues very swiftly. I wanted to be able to provide every record ever made to my website visitors, but it is just impossible to buy every record and stock it. So the easiest way for me to do this is by providing an online space where everyone can find any physical music like vinyl records and cd’s. By partnering with Amazon Australia I am able to offer my customers/website visitors over 200,000 Vinyl Records & CD’s. YES I do get a small percentage of (8%) per sale, but it’s what keeps the records spinning, so I thank you for your support whenever you buy any records from the Stone Music website.